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Dennis Barrit of Norfolk was heading south on 1st street, in the outside lane. He was driving a Chevy Silverado Pickup and pulling a construction trailer. Jonathan Estrada-Montoya, 29, of Norfolk was a pedestrian and was struck by the trailer ...
Barrit ved Juelsminde topper listen, og kan fremover kalde sig ”Årets bogby”. Det er svært at give en egentlig forklaring på den østjyske interesse for at købe bøger på nettet. Men i Barrit har de et bud. - Vi har blandt andet en bogklub, hvor kvinder ...
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In a recent interview, Swansea-born Olivier Award-winning actor Des Barrit joked that, having lived in London so long, most people didn't realise that he was a proud Welshman anymore. Which got us thinking – how many other famous people are there from ...
11 famous people you might not realise are from south west Wales
Morriston's Des Barrit is one of the most recognisable faces on the British stage, whose roles have ranged from Falstaff in Philip Breen's production of The Merry Wives of Windsor for the RSC, to the comic relief in Welsh National Opera's Die Fledermaus.
11 famous people you might not realise are from south west Wales
Swansea stage legend Des Barrit returns home to star in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at Swansea Grand Theatre. He talks to MARK REES. DES Barrit is one of Swansea's most prolific and successful stage actors. Yet the Olivier Award-winner is a little worried ...
Des <b>Barrit</b> brings Cat on a Hot Tin Roof home to the Swansea Grand Theatre
Robert Hastie's Theatr Clwyd production matches these for intensity and eloquence, but it is chiefly remarkable for casting Desmond Barrit, who comes to inhabit the role he always seemed destined to play. Big Daddy, the cotton baron who refuses to ...
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof review – <b>Barrit</b> magnificent in role he was destined to play
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